• Vaishali Prazmari


We are pleased to announce that the new batch of Clouds Brushes is ready! Choose from 3 types or collect them all:

1 - Clouds Brush for Fine Detail

2 - Hand-tested Clouds Brush for Miniature Painting

3 - Hand-tested Clouds Brush for Illumination

Why hand-test them? We assiduously hand-test a selection of our Clouds Brushes because each brush is handmade - therefore unique and with infinitesimal differences - in order to demystify for you what the true nature of the brush really is. Whether it wants to draw fine and elegantly uniform lines, or it it longs to curve into elusive spirals, we offer a specially hand-tested selection catering for both needs since we are a very small company that is able to offer this exclusive, specialised service. In essence - we've done the hard work for you. All you need to do now is to train your brush to your hand.

For more info and to purchase, please visit our Shop.

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