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My designer-craftsman husband has made me 3 prototype brush holders for my brushes. I wanted them to be reminiscent of ancient scrolls when rolled up, tied with a red ribbon and sealed with red wax eventually. They’re entirely his design, custom-made for my brushes and designed to hold the aluminium tubes they are shipped in so they can travel with you in the safest way possible (keep the brush caps!). Which one do you like best?

1. Leather only

2. Two types of leather and cotton interior

3. Leather and cotton interior

The leather keeps them very safe and secure. The ribbon can be pulled tight to hold the brushes in place and adjusted to accommodate more brushes should you decide to get more – so far they hold 6. Currently I have 7 brushes in total (1 Rocks, 3 Clouds, 1 Water and 2 Fire); there are a few more in the pipeline. The ribbon design can also accommodate a pencil. How many brushes do you envisage needing in one brush holder?

Brushes orders for:




Please note – these brushes ship to you without the brush holder, which is still a work in progress – is just for the photos!

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