• Vaishali Prazmari


Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Clouds brush flags

Decided to attach them directly to the cap of the actual brush itself for easy reference based on customer feedback. Please still write directly on the raw wood of the brush itself though as caps can get lost! Good practice anyway. Also, please keep every single brush cap, they are to protect the tiny brush tips especially; maybe the addition of the flag will help find the caps as they are easy to misplace (I know!)

For @jacquelinereadwin

#flags #miniaturepainting #persianminiature #watercolour #traditional #contemporary #mughalminiature #vaishaliprazmaribrushes #theperfectbrush #vaishaliprazmari #manuscript #handmade #Kolinskysable #Cloudsbrush #illumination #watercolour

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