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Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one... cities will never have rest from their evils - Plato's Republic (Book V)

Plato believed that "philosophers [must] become kings…or those now called kings [must]…genuinely and adequately philosophize" (The Republic, 5.473d).

We, too, believe that all Kings should be Philosophers and all Philosophers should be Kings.

Since philosophy is the love of knowledge and wisdom, we start by aspiring to be philosophers. In the manner of the ideal Scholar, we train our thoughts onto higher planes through work, study and play (yes, there is a point to doodling). In order to work, we need tools. And we need those tools to be beautiful. And although not all of us will become kings, we should all aspire to become Masters - masters of our own art, of our own lives, and ultimately, of ourselves. Knowing ourselves allows us to reign over the myriad outcomes of our fate. To be a king is a way of saying we are the highest in command, in charge of the way our destiny plays out, taking full control - and responsibility - over our own actions and choices. By becoming rulers of our own existence we choose our own paths, live rich, meaningful, fulfilling lives and, hopefully, become better people. Lofty, indeed. Idealistic, perhaps. Powerful and necessary - absolutely.

Thus we believe that making art is an empowering process - since we all hold the potential for creation in our hands we do not take this lightly. While science and technology race ever faster ahead, art and the humanities remind us of morality. Mortality and morality. We bring you thoughtful, thoroughly designed and carefully handmade tools with which to make your own creations. We believe that being surrounded by beautiful things creates a sense of order in one’s life and trains one’s thoughts onto higher planes - onto the eternal and unchangeable. We access those truths through the medium of art. Beauty leads to magnificence of mind, elegance to timelessness and grace to magnanimity. We are not minimalists and do not believe in sensory deprivation. We are visual, we love the tactile and we love to engage all our senses. Although we respect them deeply, we are not monks. The simple majesty of using beautiful tools and accessories in one’s everyday work is what motivates us to continue to do our very best.

We pay attention to the small details - if we are to rule our ships we must pay attention to the seasons, the heavens, the stars, the winds, and everything proper to our craft. Every part is carefully considered and has a role, from the choice of hair to the choice of ferrule to the raw wood handle which is light and easy to hold in one's hands, allowing for certain grip. The tiniest hair is held steadily alongside the largest since without it, the brush would not function. Everything has a place. We would like more politicians and Heads of State to take up painting, and through doing so, have better ideas. The appreciation of art refocuses one's values. We would like to see how crafting art enriches statecraft. We wish that our small contribution can help to make the world beautiful again.

In this manner we believe that - with small brushstrokes at a time - art can change the world and that is why we create beautiful things for philosopher kings ~

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