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Set of 4 brushes 4 elements

Including 2 types of Fire brush ferrule options, traditional ancient quill ferrule and modern metal ferrule, which is slightly easier to use and practise with before moving onto the quill one.

After 3 years of doing these brushes I have come to this conclusion:

My Fire brush gives calligraphic strokes and tends to be used by calligraphers, iconographers and icon painters including the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church – and anyone who likes strange and beautiful lines! Or filmmakers (as props!) This is the most eclectic bunch and I love hearing about how people use them

My Water Brush tends to be used by watercolourists (along with the Clouds: Fine Details brush) – it’s actually the most versatile one

And of course my Rocks and Clouds brushes tend to be used by miniaturists and miniature painters (along with my Water brush for colour filling and backgrounds) – the Rocks was my first and favourite brush

For @jacquelinereadwin

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