• Vaishali Prazmari


Shell gold + steady hand + my specially designed Rocks brush – tripod = straight gold line with camera shake and blur in video at the end

Best I could do, I see I need an actual tripod and not just my other hand! Concentrating on looking at line in real life and not through phone… wonder how other people get round this

You get the idea – I created my Rocks brush to hold a lot of paint while keeping its fine point so no need to re-dip mid-line and can go on till the end of the line. You can see the blob of paint in the video being sucked into the paper, the brush is doing this work automatically, by capillary action.

#miniaturepainting #persianminiature #watercolour #traditional #contemporary #mughalminiature #vaishaliprazmaribrushes #theperfectbrush #vaishaliprazmari #inxanadu #taj #manuscript #needatripod #shellgold #willowwindow

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