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    The element of earth is cold and dry and related to the spleen and black bile. It represents the season of autumn and accomplished adulthood with all its mundane concerns. This elegantly rounded filbert sable brush that combines practical flatness with sophisticated curves is versatile and capable of a universal variety of glowing strokes. Worldly in its approach and global in its handling, this cosmopolitan veteran can do - almost - everything in a painting. From edges to fills to shades via dabs and daubs, this is the world in a brush.


    These brushes are designed with oils in mind yet we don’t make the distinction between mediums; they work equally well with water and ink. As long as you keep your brushes each separate according to medium they will last you a good long while. We don’t make the tiniest brushes for oils since we believe that you don’t need so many brushes, only the best: you can repurpose your elemental watercolour or miniature ones for oils once their point has faded. The Rocks, Clouds and Water brushes, once they have faithfully served you with their sharp points for fine miniature lines, can have a second life as a companion in oils with their now-gently softened tips to create the soothing, mellow transitions used in classical oil painting. Although this semi-permeable membrane doesn’t work the other way round - you cannot easily use your oil brushes for water-based mediums once they’ve crossed the border and been dipped in oils - we present this series as a partner set to the original elemental series when they have been thoroughly used and loved.

    Never chuck a brush!


    Shown here with piercing raspberry yellow oil on marble.

    This video was made possible with the assistance of Mr Caspian Prazmari.

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