12 Dec 2017

What is luxury? 


Luxury is fine silk, fast cars and smooth cigars. Luxury is new experiences, the latest technology and old wine. Luxury is bespoke goods, personalised items and tailored things. Luxury is plush leather, lush fur and good hair. Luxury is worldwide shipping, local manufacturers and cottage industries. Luxury is fast internet access, timely arrivals and slow painting. Luxury is new tools, old manuscripts and ancient venerable traditions. Luxury is gold leaf, real pigments and handmade brushes. Luxury is all of these things and more.  


Luxury is also simplicity - materials that are true to themselves, unpretentious and quietly proud of their origins. The simple lathe-turned wood, still raw, remembers its grain and its roots as a tree. The humble metal ferrule, cold at first, warms to the touch as the hand of the painter gets into the flow. A single feather, shed when no longer needed, finds a new home. 


Luxury today is time. Time taken to think, design and create. Time taken to make things. Time taken to use things, appreciate things and properly look after things. Pondering a problem, then testing a design over and over again. Rendering fine strokes repetitively; painting as a form of meditation. Carefully cleaning a brush and ensuring its tip stays pointed while giving it time overnight to dry out. Placing it back deliberately on one's tidy desk where it takes pride of place, ready for the next painting session. 


Gorgeous flamboyance, or deceptive simplicity. The latest technology, or rare raw materials. Luxury fits like a glove and is the perfect tool for the job. Both ancient and modern, luxury is whatever you never knew you always wanted. 


Luxury is a little brush, dedicated to a single craft, channeling ancient masters and distilled into a fine tip of hair from the winter coat of small animal living on the steppes of Siberia ~


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