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    The Peacock Brush


    An earthly representation of the Simurgh or Phoenix herself, the iridescent peacock plume offerings are a homage to the most beautiful bird in the world. 

    Wear it as a hair accessory. Use it for fan marbling. Use it to fan someone. Fan yourself - see how the delicate fronds respond immediately to even the slightest tremor in air currents. As the bird with a thousand eyes in its shining tail and the national bird of India, this is an elegant and beautiful objet d’art in itself and makes an excellent gift. To be given a shimmering peacock feather was also a mark of official merit in Qing Dynasty China. 

    A peacock proposal: how will you use yours?


    Please note that although the colours pack a brilliant punch, this is a fragile and delicate piece; exercise appropriate caution when using or admiring. Each piece is unique.


    Eye: the round eye and the symmetrical central part of the feather

    Tail: the longer, elegant and asymmetric side feather

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