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Carpet Pages IV: Flying Carpet Postcard Print
  • Carpet Pages IV: Flying Carpet Postcard Print


    Carpet Pages IV: Flying Carpet


    The 4th instalment of the Carpet Pages series saw a painting fly around the world for the greater part of 2021. We made a collaborative miniature painting in the spirit of the old karkhana workshops and relied on the global postal services to ensure its safe flight. It's finally back home in London. Now you can continue to SEND this little painting around the world in the form of that other flying mail - the postcard! We think the postcard format fits perfectly and makes a beautiful ending to our endeavour - which isn't ending! It's the end of the beginning, and this milestone first painting can continue to crisscross the globe multiple times forever with your message on the back!


    This little postcard is also a piece of art, a print realised on quality thick postcard paper stock with a protective finish - so you can actually pop it in the post as it is, and it features space for your message, a stamp and an address just like a real postcard. Buy a couple and add one to your collection, or send it to a loved one with a handwritten note on the back (this is something we'd like to revive in general!).


    Please photograph and post your little postcard online if you're a lucky recipient and tag #carpetpages @vaishaliprazmari @jethro_buck @elisadeane @adnanmairajmalik @yunfeng_cong @llailatarah - we would love to see its journey carry on!


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