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    The fifth element is represented by the infinity symbol, also the original symbol for ineffable and mysterious in Chinese. This ethereal brush is an art object in itself as well as being a tool with many uses.  Like a phantom and a dream, the element of ether is also transformative space. Like the changing element itself the Ether brush transforms into many guises.  Made from a porcupine quill, this elusive brush is the rarest of them all. 


    This magic brush can be used as an ink mixing tool for Arabic calligraphy; a burnisher tool to transfer miniature paintings, illumination, geometry or indeed any drawing thus keeping your tracing intact; used to make dots and patterns in gilding, cut as a pen or used uncut as an automatic brush for automatic fine lines, or used as a protective talisman. Rigid yet flexible at the same time, it’s a natural material so won’t harm your tracing nor tire your hand as it demands a light touch. A magic brush indeed! Familiar to Native American peoples, used in magic rites in many traditions and even used in acupuncture in the Far East, the porcupine quill is a sharp and pointy object so please be extra careful and respectful when using it and keep out of reach of children and pets. I consider all natural brushes talismanic and our naturally-shed porcupine quills are magical objects in themselves.  


    The Ether brush is an artwork in itself; by purchasing one you are also purchasing a piece of art: one of the 1001 Nights of my PhD research. This brush is designed for artistic and magical purposes only; art is a kind of magic.


    The magical alphabetical ABCs of the Ether brush:


    1 Arabic calligraphy ink mixing (all sizes)

    2 Burnish transferring with a light touch for miniature paintings, illumination, geometry and other drawings (medium and large sizes)

    3 Cut into a tailor-made pen for your hand - do it yourself for a completely bespoke instrument (medium and large sizes) - used uncut, it also functions as an automatic brush for automatic fine lines (small size)

    4 Dotting and patterning in gold leaf (medium and large sizes)

    5 Ethereal incantations, casting spells, mojo work and other magical purposes (all sizes)


    The Ether brush comes in small, medium and large sizes. Please note that there is some variation within the size, shape and colour as this is a natural material. The handle is raw birch wood, which is lightest and easiest to hold and allows for the best grip, which in turn grants the most control. When you order, you may ask for the brush to be blessed and a spell of your choice* recited before it is sent. 


    *safe magic only. You may not do any harm. Results may vary and are the responsibility of the aspirant. 

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